Everen was founded in the year of 2006. Through out the years, by the hardworking of our diligent people, and thanks to the continuous support from world wide customers, Everen now becomes a group of companies,which are:

  1. Everen Industry, for mattress machines.
  2. Everen Solutions, for mattress materials.
  3. Everen Manufacturing, for pocket springs and non woven fabric.

Along with our growing and expansion, creating the value for our customers has been the main purpose of our business. To help built a better mattress remains a perpetual mission of all of our Everen members.

Everen Group – Everen Industry Co.,LTD.

Everen is constantly dealing with new technologies and customer demand for mattress.We provide a full range of production equipment and automation solutions to global mattress manufacturers. With 18 years of experience, our pocket springs, non-woven fabric,mattress accessories,mattress machine,tape edge machine,pocket coiling and assembling machines,quiliting and panel cutting machines,foaming and foam cutting machines,and all other packing and sewing equipments are sold to 120 countries and regions and highly recognized by customers.

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